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Leistungen: Workshops Honing your telephone skills


- Understanding the basis of customer orientation and customer expectations
- Use of positive and solution oriented language
- Develop mutual rules of the game for Sunrise
- Set own objectives for the daily routine on the telephone


Kundenstatement: I had a pleasure of working together with NZP to improve the Communication flow in the BCCO organization. NZP provided us with training sessions in several languages focused on the importance of the internal and external communication in the daily business. I was really satisfied with the quality provided by NZP: trainers know-how on really high level, sessions were prepared with a great attention to details, all required material were provided. On top of that NZP added a bit of outside-of-the-box thinking and unusual approach that made training more fun and help employees to relax and focus on the content. Overall I was really happy to work with NeumannZanetti & Partner and I can definitely recommend them as a business partner.


Wojciech Majewski (Technical Lead Fulfillment 1 Business Customers)


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